My Story

At the age of 30, I have 15+ years of experience with designing, building, marketing, and launching websites, apps, and brands.

It all mostly started with the launch of the iPhone in 2008, and then this video. Once Apple released the App Store, I was hooked. And so since the age of 15, I have been a part of a multitude of product cycles and scaled multiple systems as well as businesses to steady net profits in the six and seven figure range. I’ve done this by designing and building custom technological solutions for startups, small – medium sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, Two Comma Club Award winners, and celebrities.

When I’m not designing apps, websites, or brands – I’m an accomplished musician and a dedicated father to my son.

What I Do

Areas of Expertise

UI + UX Research

I specialize in delving deep into user behavior, intents, wants, and needs to inform empathetic design decisions. My expertise in UI and UX research ensures that my designs are grounded in data-driven insights, resulting in exceptional user experiences.

UX Design

Crafting seamless and intuitive user journeys is my passion. I'm dedicated to creating meaningful interactions that keep users engaged and satisfied. From wireframes to prototypes, I excel at shaping user experiences that feel great and work amazingly well.

UI Design

My UI design skills are all about blending creativity with sleekness and functionality. I have a keen eye for aesthetics, making sure every pixel serves a purpose. My designs not only look stunning but also enhance usability and produce high-performing results.

Full Stack Development

Designers normally don't carry full stack development experience. I am different. From iOS, Android, to web - I'm a versatile developer with a strong understanding of the entire development process from front to back. This enables me to work directly with developers, step by step all the way through.

Brand Design

Brands are more than just logos and colors; they are stories and emotions. Alongside UI / UX design, I create visual identities that resonate with your audience and convey your unique story. I believe that a strong brand is the key to the magical success often seen by Apple and many others.

Business Development

I carry an unusually vast understanding of the needs for business logic and development within design. With my extensive expertise in business development, marketing, as well as systems + processes, I can help you align your design and software strategies with your overarching goals.

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