Investii: Fintech Savings and Rewards App

A fintech app which aims to reward users for saving money and help them develop good savings habits. It allows users to connect their bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts, and provides personalized recommendations and goals based on their financial data through AI. The app also features a user-friendly dashboard to track savings progress and financial transactions.

Behind The Scenes: My Process

In 2021, I was approached by a growing startup (which has since pivoted to one named OpenPitch) to design the UI / UX of a fintech savings and rewards app. Because of my interest in the fintech space, this excited me greatly. The overall premise of the app was, like credit scores, to reward users for excellent savings habits. The overall goal of the UI / UX design for Investii was to allow users a sleek and efficient way to connect their bank accounts (checking and savings), credit cards, 401Ks, and more in order to facilitate a way to properly transfer and save income in a way that formed excellent savings habits. The app would be capable of utilizing Investii’s AI system to go about analyzing users’ financial data and providing personalized recommendations and goals to help them improve their financial health as well as their financial runway. It would also feature a user-friendly dashboard that displayed an overview of their financial status, including their savings progress and financial transactions.

Steps Within My Process:

UX Research + UX Design
UI Design + Prototyping
Teamwork + Launch

To ensure a seamless user experience, the Investii team and I started by conducting extensive research on the target audience and their financial needs. This involved analyzing user feedback, conducting surveys, and studying competitors in the fintech industry. This research helped me to understand the pain points and challenges users faced when it came to saving and managing their finances. Armed with this knowledge, I began sketching wireframes and creating high fidelity mockups which I then turned into prototypes to visualize the app’s structure and functionality. I focused on designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface that would simplify the complex process of connecting multiple financial accounts. One of the key features I incorporated into the design was an automated savings feature. This allowed users to set specific savings goals and have the app automatically transfer a designated amount from their income to their savings accounts. The app would also track users’ progress towards their goals and provide real-time notifications and reminders to keep them motivated.

I also emphasized the importance of security in the design. As the app would require users to connect their financial accounts, it was crucial to instill trust and confidence in the users. I implemented robust security measures, such as two-factor authentication and encryption, to ensure the protection of users’ sensitive financial information. Throughout the design process, I collaborated closely with the development team to ensure the feasibility and technical implementation of the UI / UX design. Regular feedback sessions and user testing helped refine the app’s interface and improve its usability. After several iterations and refinements, the final UI / UX design for the Investii app was completed. It featured a clean and modern aesthetic, with a simple yet powerful navigation system that allowed users to easily access various features and information. The color scheme and typography were carefully chosen to convey a sense of trust and reliability. Additionally, the Investii app had UI / UX which would reward the user for their savings habits – offering redeemable points and a hand-picked marketplace of eligible bank account and credit card offerings.

Upon its launch, the Investii app received immensely positive feedback and went on to raise a seed round of $100,000.00 in an incubator where they later pivoted into a tool which analyzes financial runway of startups whom have received funding.

The Results