Liberty Furniture: AI Catalog Editor + Dashboard

An AI-powered catalog editor, creator, and full CRM dashboard – aiming to address Liberty Furniture’s challenges and provide a user-friendly experience. The system allows complete creation, customization, and editing of sales presentations for furniture. In addition, it allows complete management of the business.

Behind The Scenes: My Process

In 2022, I was approached by the team at Liberty Furniture. They had a problem and needed a skilled designer to solve it. The problem was that their massive catalog of furniture and stock management system for that catalog was outdated, very difficult to manage, and most importantly – difficult to present in a nice looking format to potential retailers when printed out or sent over e-mail. After a lot of hard work with the team at Liberty, my end solution was a sleek and easy to use AI-powered catalog presentation editor + creator, as well as an easy to manage dashboard CRM which integrated their catalog and stock management system seamlessly.

Steps Within My Process:

UX Research + UX Design
UI Design + Prototyping
Handoff to Development Team

My process began by conducting thorough research on Liberty Furniture’s current catalog and stock management system. I dove deep into understanding their existing processes, pain points, and the specific requirements they had for a new solution. Next, I brainstormed ideas and concepts for the AI-powered catalog editor + creator and dashboard CRM. I wanted to ensure that the new system would not only address their current challenges but also provide a user-friendly and visually appealing experience for potential retailers based on the issues at hand.

Once I had a clear vision in mind, I started researching Liberty’s primary customer base on the business, retail, and customer-facing end. I documented key demographics such as age, gender, income level, and geographic location. This information helped me understand who our exact target audience was and how to effectively relate and empathize with them. Next, I delved into understanding their preferences, interests, and buying behaviors. Through extensive market research, surveys, and focus groups, I gathered valuable insights into what motivated our customers to choose Liberty over other competitors. This allowed me to tailor strategies here to better cater to their needs and desires within design. Furthermore, I analyzed the competition in the market to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This gave me a clear understanding of the gaps in the market that Liberty could capitalize on. I also studied systems and dashboards from other industries to draw inspiration and apply innovative ideas to our own strategies. After compiling all of the research, I created comprehensive customer profiles or “buyer personas” to visualize our ideal customers. These personas helped me humanize our target audience, enabling me to empathize with their needs and create a beautiful user experience that would resonate with them.

Now that I had what I needed in the research area – I collaborated with the Liberty’s team to go from drawings to wireframes, and wireframes to prototypes. This collaboration consisted of brainstorming sessions, design reviews, and user testing. We wanted to ensure that the AI-powered catalog editor and dashboard CRM not only met the needs of Liberty’s customers but also aligned with the company’s brand identity and values. We iterated on the designs based on user feedback and made necessary adjustments to enhance the overall user experience. I collaborated closely with Liberty Furniture’s team, seeking their feedback on standup calls and incorporating their suggestions to refine the designs further. Also during this time, I focused on how the team would go about integrating advanced AI capabilities into the catalog editor. This type of functionality would enable the system to automatically generate high-quality product images, create detailed product descriptions, and even suggest complementary layouts to make the end result as beautiful as possible. The aim was to streamline the process of creating and customizing catalogs, making it effortless for Liberty Furniture and their retailers.

Simultaneously, I worked on designing the dashboard CRM, ensuring that once this set of designs got into handoff that it would be a seamless integration with the catalog editor and stock management system on the development end. After several more design iterations and rigorous interviews as well as collaboration, we had a very sleek UI / UX design on our hands. With the UI / UX design now finalized, it was time to bring the AI-powered catalog editor and dashboard CRM to life. I worked closely with Liberty’s team of developers and engineers to ensure that the functionality and features were implemented seamlessly.

Overall, the project was a success, exceeding expectations and delivering immense value to Liberty Furniture. The collaboration between their team and my design skills was instrumental in achieving this outcome.

The Results